Becoming a Visionary

We often hear that visionaries are entrepreneurs, leaders and professional sportsmen, but a visionary is simply a person that can envision the future. Are you able to think or plan about the future with great imagination and wisdom? If yes, what we are about to discuss may be very interesting.

Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important that knowledge”, this coming from a very logical and intelligent man who you think wouldn’t be a creative or imaginative dreamer.

Being a visionary and using your imagination to create a better future for yourself can be one of the most powerful methods to implement in your daily life. The life you live is mainly dependent on your thoughts and feelings, if you believe you are happy, you will be happy most of the time, if you think your life is terrible and unfair, you will always approach life in an unmotivated manner which will result in many unhealthy relationships with people, people feed off your energy which is why it is so important to maintain a positive mind.

Pro athletes and star sportsmen know this, they cannot go into a game dwelling on their past losses, they keep their head up and focus on the bigger picture. A professional football kicker once explained to me how he would imagine that ball being kicked into the top corner before even taking the penalty, he would imagine the goalkeeper diving towards the ball, he said his imagination was so vivid that he could hear the fans cheering for him before his foot hit the ball.

I believe our mind is more powerful than ever imaginable, we have the ability of achieving the impossible, with great effort and self-belief we can accomplish anything and as the years go by, we see more and more people achieving things we would think would never deem possible.

Sports and training are great examples of how we see individuals put their minds to something for so long with constant effort, the results and progress is outstanding. A professional swimmer will spend all their time and energy in the pool, perfecting their stroke and movements, what the mind sees, the body will achieve. If you keep giving your time and attention to a specific activity, you will find yourself excelling at that one activity, by keeping your vision on your goals and objectives, you will become the person you have imagined yourself to be, this may be the most rewarding experience in life.

“Don’t give up”, something that your parents, coaches and teachers will always tell you, you may be tired of hearing that, but it really carries great meaning. Before you decide to quit, ask yourself, is this something that I will be grateful for, in five years’ time? It may seem like a never-ending process but as visionaries say, when you fall in love with the process and focus on your vision, you will never work a day in your life.