Do you have a Role Model?

We know that you aspire to be like them but are they adding value to your life?

We see these role models across social media, you may even have them as a poster in your room, perhaps even on as your desktop background.

We watch them play on the field and follow their lives behind the scenes. They are the best at what they do and receive enormous amounts of support and attention.

Role models are constantly in the spotlight, young athletes often imitate their actions and behavior on and off the field. They also influence the way in which sportsmen interact with other players and peers.

We observe their sports skills on the field so that we can successfully perfect our own game, but how much attention do we pay to their personal lives, especially the scandals they are involved in?

A role model is a person whose behavior is emulated by others, especially younger people.

A young mind is easily affected by what is seen through the media which is why it is very important for professional athletes to act as a respected role model should, on the field and behind the scenes.

Sport players are often seen as good role models as appose to other famous celebrities such as actors and entertainers. These athletes work very hard in order to stay at the top of their game, they are mentally and physically strong. We see that the industry of being a well-recognized sportsman can be very stressful as fame and personal lives are in often conflict.

The public sees professional sport players as good role models for children that are participating in sport which is why we are sometimes very accepting of what they do and their motives for doing it.

The positive effects of sports players can be just as big as the negative influences of star athletes, I remember back to high school sports where my peers would strive to be like their role models, some players would tackle dirty and backchat because that’s what we saw our favorite teams do over the weekend. We wanted to play the part, be something greater than ourselves, so why not play football in a similar way of our favorite players?

This created huge conflict as many of my team mates would be following in the footsteps of star football players, often disrespecting the referee which resulted in nasty arguments and disputes among our team.

Young sports players need to realize what a good role model is and how they behave, even well-respected athletes make mistakes and wrong choices. Young athletes should remember who they are and not get lost in the bad habits of their role models.

We must strive to be greater than professional athletes, set your own standards and behaviours so that other people will respect and follow in your footsteps.

Be the change you want to see on and off the sports field.