Finding You Motivation

How to Find Motivation to Gym, Exercise or Play Sport.


Perhaps you say you cannot find the time to join a sports club, or is it because you don’t have nice gym clothes? That last one is always my excuse, “Ah I don’t have any training pants, I will have to go tomorrow”.

Start with your ‘WHY’, what is the reason you want to change your daily life to train at the gym or get fit? Your ‘WHY’ will be the backbone of your motivation, it will be the main reason why you are getting out of bed so early on a Monday morning.

Once you have identified your ‘WHY’, you can get to the details, the more detail and effort you put into your training sessions, the more likely you are to stick to it. But remember, keep it simple, don’t give yourself too many tasks at once, this should be something fun and rewarding to do.

Example of daily exercise goals should be:

  • Start my day at 05:30am
  • Train for 45m
  • Drink 3 Litres of water
  • Jog or walk around the block
  • Cheat meal on Friday


Keep 3-5 short, simple goals on your homepage or as a note in your car, try to read through them every day, because if you miss one of them, it will make you feel guilty. These short daily plans should not be your only goals, you should have one main goal that is more of a dream or vision of where you want to see yourself in 1-2 years’ time.

Your long-term goal should be unique and achievable, my long-term goal was to simple to lose 3kg’s, yes that may not be very difficult, but for someone who never followed through with any fitness goals, it was something achievable. I manged to lose 5 kilos in about 3 months, but the beauty was not just loosing weight, it was now that I got the taste of succeeding at something. I had never set a goal and actually achieved it, this motivated me to set bigger and more time consuming goals, a year went by and I managed to join an evening jogging team with a couple of people in my area, believe it or not I was eating way more and still managed to see a 4 pack while bending over backwards in front of the mirror.

Its amazing how your life can change significantly by just setting a small goal for yourself, you can truly benefit from it. Stop seeing goals as ‘work’ or a ‘have to’, see goals as little challenges that your future self will be proud of. Start off by making small changes and adjustments, trust me when I say they will soon turn into feelings of joy and accomplishment. When you start completing your goals you feel proud, it even gets addictive, not to worry though as there’s nothing to lose besides the calories.’