Individual vs Team Sports

At some point in your life you may want to get involved in a sport, or perhaps you are wondering what sports your child should enroll in.

What about the dangers of contact sports? What if I don’t enjoy it? What if I’m not good enough?

First thing before you start panicking, don’t overthink it, chances are that you are going to find out in your own way and find yourself doing something completely different in a year’s time.

When joining a sports team such as hockey, cricket, football or netball, you will learn how to deal with teammates, where you fit in and how to work in a group. Your teammates are also your competition, you need to work well with them but also, you should strive to play better than them. In most sports teams, you work your way up, from sitting on the bench to starting in the first team side, or perhaps becoming the captain.

You need to get along with your teammates, there will always be arguments and conflicts of interest. Working through disputes is how you find solutions to the team’s problems. One of the great things about sport is having a coach, your coach should always be there for you. The coach is the person with the most experience and will assist you in reaching your goals.

Individual sports such as golf, tennis, swimming and athletics is just as tough as team sports. There is just as much responsibility and determination needed as compared to team sports. Individual sportsmen often don’t rely on other people besides their coaches, this means that you are the only person that can drag yourself out of bed, there are no teammates begging you to play. You must have a lot of self-motivation and discipline, which is why it is a good idea that you stick to a sport that you truly enjoy and have a passion for.

After comparing from all sides and angles, we notice that there is no real difference between individual and team sports, both require hard work and persistence.

Find out what you enjoy the most and go into that full time, its not about becoming the best athlete or sportsman, it’s all about becoming the best version of yourself, we strongly believe that sport is the best way you can learn about what makes you happy and most importantly, to the younger generations, it will give you a sense of direction in your life.