Perfect Your Game

You really must put in the time, that is probably the most important factor in perfecting your craft.

I could end it there, but I feel I need to elaborate.

Time allows us to make mistakes and learn. Skills are developed over time and is not an overnight process. We need to train our body as well as our minds, creating good habits such as waking up early and following a strict diet will allow us to reach our goals faster and more efficiently. This can be applied to a high paid sportsman or a qualified mathematician, both individuals have put an extreme amount of time and effort to get to where they are today.

Practice makes perfect, we have all heard this before. But how much practise does it take to reach the point of perfection? There is no such thing as reaching the peak of perfection, we must constantly try to improve ourselves, we are all humans that make mistakes, it’s about minimizing those mistakes so that it becomes second nature to you. Finding ways that it won’t work is just as important as finding ways that it will work. Treating each failure as an opportunity is something that we need to master, it can be very beneficial in your life, it can change the way you resolve problems and reach goals.

Throughout life you will be confronted with obstructions and challenges that will stop you from achieving your goals, treat these challenges as learning curves and never allow them to change your thoughts or blur the visions of your dreams. Believe that you are mentally strong, and nothing will stop you from achieving your objectives.

Perfecting your game may take forever, but that doesn’t matter as it is an ongoing process that literally goes on forever. By remaining focused and patient we can ensure that giving up is never an option. This can apply to anything that you desire to achieve in your life, sports, education and even a simple diet.

Surround yourself with individuals that are on the same mission as you and become a positive influencer. Teaching is also a great way to improve on your own skills, by helping your peers or teammates you can identify where you may need improvement. Taking advice from others may be difficult for some individuals, listening to what others say may be very beneficial, trying new things will allow your skills to improve, explore new training techniques and aim to perfect your craft in every way, shape or form.

Trying new things will almost always lead to failure, but you need failures so you can identify where you went wrong, and then make sure that never happens again. Change the way you perceive failing, let it be the fuel to your fire, a reason to carry on. Failure is simply a board that smacks you into the direction of success!