Sport is mentally and physical good for you, even if you’re not good at it.

So obviously we all know that sport is good for your health as it consists of mostly fitness and pure talent, but let’s be honest, most of us are not born with a specific talent. We do however have no excuse for being lazy, getting involved in any sport activities will bring you great change in your life and may open new doors you never thought existed such as friendship, creativity, confidence, it brings relevance and importance to your life and not to mention it is the best stress reliever.

Scientist have tested and confirmed that getting involved in any form of training or sport will actually make you happier, your body releases dopamine, you start to feel better about yourself, you get to interact with new people and create new experiences.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort, you just have to take that first step and start. This can be a perfect way to light a spark in your life, if you ever feel that you are struggling to find purpose or desperately need some motivation, definitely give some training a thought. It may sound like a waste of time at first, but you need to realize that sometimes in life it just takes a small adjustment to your everyday life to bring great change to an ongoing problem you may be experiencing. Sport can break down those walls that have been set in front of you, whether it’s family, job or personal issues.

Creating time during your busy work or study schedule may seem difficult but we know that most of us can fit in an hour or two, instead of relaxing your whole weekend on the couch watching series, go outside and throw a ball around. Simple steps will soon turn into a long run which can ultimately result in a life changing habits such as joining a sports team or even an hour of a yoga class, don’t even focus on the scale, your body will follow your mind.

In conclusion, I see sport and training as the single most rewarding activity that one can incorporate into their everyday life. You will truly create a positive influence on yourself and even others around you.

So please, if you have read this far, go out and move your body. Run, jog, crawl, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are moving forward.