Introducing Sports to underprivileged Communities

Most of us have not seen or experienced the low standard of living in the poorest of areas around South Africa, we see how some communities are deprived of basic needs such as water and electricity, so would I even be considering donating a few soccer balls and sports clothing?

If you are a South African resident, you will at some point in your life drive through a community where you notice young children playing barefoot on the roads kicking around a rugged and damaged ball. While this is very upsetting, a more important factor to consider is why they are not at school, never mind how dangerous it might be for them.

While I sit in the back of the car looking out the window feeling guilty but also blessed to have all these luxuries, I see the broken-down schools and dirty pools. Is anyone even interested in improving the living standards? What about all the children who have great talent in a sport they can’t even play?

I kept asking myself if these areas will ever change for the good, would this piece of land look completely different in the next couple of years? What if there were to be a huge sports stadium or even just a bright green soccer field and well-constructed netball court? Could a sport structure really change the lives of the people living in this community?

The reason the land and living standards stays the same during all these years is because these communities don’t have a solid foundation in order to start improving their infrastructure, they need that push from the surrounding areas, something to get the ball rolling on building something better.

We strongly believe that the solution to improving the standard of living is in the children of the community. They are the generation that will be living and working in the future of the community.

We need to provide these underprivileged children with adequate educational infrastructure and allow them to participate in sport to improve their way of living, sport can bring motivation, meaning and direction to a young child’s life.

We have to stop letting the talent of these young boys and girls go to waste, these children are born with great potential in their educational studies and sporting activities. They need the tools and infrastructure in order to put their talent to work, a few small donations and assistance can allow for the biggest change in a single child’s life.