Opportunities that Sport can offer South Africa

When we think of people making money in sports, we generally assume they are referring to professional sports players such as Olympic athletes and sponsored sportsmen playing in leagues and cups. Sport actually provides thousands of other jobs and careers that various from daily maintenance jobs to professional field of studies such as sports therapy. We also see that there is big business involved in sport such as investments in clubs and sponsors, advertising also plays a huge role in sport, we find companies advertising through the professional sports players and we see the visual adverts on the media and sports field.

Sport has been a popular attraction for decades, it draws enormous attention from thousands of fans, thus the main reason why successful companies get involved, they want to show support and in return increase their sales through exposure of their brands. Besides advertising in sport, many students want to be involved in the sports industry, and not to play the game, but to assist and support the professional athletes by means of sports therapy, nutritional diets and concentrated training and exercises.

We have noticed a huge trend of people leaning towards living a healthy life, we are starting to take care of what we put in our bodies and the nutritional values of food we buy at the supermarket. Companies are developing many unique and beneficial products for muscle growth and healthy dieting, organisations spend millions of Rands in testing new breakthrough products that provide us with various nutritional benefits we didn’t even think we needed.

If you have read through any of my other blogs where I chat about how my vision is to build sports infrastructure in order to provide jobs and benefit communities in need, this method can draw in sponsorships and companies looking to introduce their brands into new markets. A life long project that has the power to change many lives around us, its simple, sport brings people together from all backgrounds and what I’ve noticed is that when many people gather around in one place, businesses seem to get involved, there will be a sudden need in a community that was once dormant.

We believe that sport isn’t just a game to watch on the tele or something to argue over the next day, but rather a way of bringing people together to support their fellow friends and family. Even if there are rival teams, there always seems to be a feeling of unity and joy of participating in something good.

We may have gone a bit off topic from the opportunity sport can bring to us financially, but as some of you may see now, we are looking at the bigger picture. Will sport in this community bring change to the lower-class workers as much as it will benefit the larger companies? The game plan is to be sustainable, to allow for future growth and opportunities in underprivileged communities. Small changes that we implement now will create ripple effects that can lead to a financially stable community.