Your Favorite Sports Position?

Everyone wants to know what the best position is to play in their sports team.

Perhaps you have a personal preference? Well we have done some research on which the most popular position is, we have chosen the top school sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey and netball.

 Below are the results of various surveys and questionnaires conducted with sportsmen aged 16-20 years.

We simply asked:

 “What do you think is the most enjoyable and popular position on the sports field and why?”


  • Rugby

Fly half- This is the rugby player who does most of the kicking, he is generally the person who runs all the plays for the back line. He directs the team to the try line and receives the ball from the scrum half. This position is rated the most popular as this is the player who is generally in charge and receives the ball the most.


  • Hockey

Forwards- The forward hockey players are the players scoring the most goals, they spend most of their time between midfield and sprinting towards the opponent’s goal. This position is most popular because of they get to take the most shots at goal and hardly needs to run back for defense.


  • Cricket

Wicket Keeper- If you are good at catching a fast ball and have quick hands, you may be in line for the most favorite position in cricket. The wicket keeper doesn’t need to run far distances and is involved throughout the cricket game. Besides being in a dangerous position, it is by far the most important and popular position to play.


  • Netball

Goal Shooter- Their main job is to score goals, these players are allowed in the goal circle, the goal shooter must have excellent shooting skills to put points on the board, this is the most popular position as this player is the one who puts their team in the lead.