Rugby Field Marker Wedge and Flag

Size: 800mm x 400mm x 300mm
Option: 22m
Branding: Plain
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The Rugby Field Maker Wedge and Flag is ideal for all rugby matches and training sessions.

  • Highlights the 50m and 22m line on the rugby field.
  • Essential sports flag markers for all rugby matches.
  • Locally manufactured in South Africa.
  • Quality PVC covering ensures durability.
  • Easy to clean store away.
  • Foam corner flags are safe to use alongside rugby fields.
  • Quality stitching of rugby marker wedges.


- 800mm x 400mm x 300mm.

- 1.5m x 500mm x 300mm.

Choose any of our standard color PVC’s:

White, Black, Blue, Lime Green, Red, Yellow, Bottle Green, Orange.

Please allow 15-20 working days to manufacture stock.

Rugby Field Marker Wedge

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